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The Manitoba Bass Anglers (MBA) are a non-profit organization consisting of dedicated anglers who believe in catch and release for smallmouth bass in Manitoba. Our mandate is to help fellow bass anglers enjoy the sport of bass fishing and become a better bass angler. We clearly recognize that by promoting friendly social interaction shared with a positive learning atmosphere enables our members to obtain the ultimate membership experience. Throughout our events, we pledge to provide the highest quality of education, conservation and respect for the great outdoors. Becoming a member entitles you and your family to share in a variety of bass fishing benefits like discounts at famous retailers, receive upcoming MBA seminar and event notices, and the eligibility to compete for various MBA awards—including the prestigious Tournament of Champions and the MBA Member of the Year Award.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Member of the Year Points Race

Member of the Year - Possibly the Greatest Manitoban Award Out There!
The most prestigious trophy in Manitoba bass fishing history will again be awarded to the greatest MBA member of 2010.  An award that recognizes skill, dedication, commitment, camaraderie and a willingness to promote fishing ethics and personal experiences.  The upcoming 2010 MBA event and tournament calendar will see members from both Manitoba and Ontario running a demanding, yet rewarding, gauntlet in efforts to get their grubby hands on this famed award.

So How do I Win the Hardware?
First, you must become a member.  Then, by attending and participating in club events, tournaments, and seminars, you will gain points towards an invite to the Tournament of Champions scheduled for October 9, 2010.  Only the top 5 point leading members will be invited to a top secret location to compete in a "show-down-fish-off-all-expenses-paid" event.  The winner of the Tournament of Champions becomes the MBA Member of the Year, and undoubtedly, will hail the MBA trophy and be recognized for this remarkable achievement.
And to keep the excitement, suspense and anticipation amongst fellow members leading up to the Tournament of Champions, the event winner will not be made public until the MBA Gala and Awards Night.   
The Challenge is out for 2010... do you have what it takes?
Bass club Point matrix
2011 Season
Qualifying tournament finishes
Place Points
1 400
2 348
3 302
4 248
5 202
6 148
7 102
8 48
Any member who fishes the tournament will also receive 20 points for attending the function

2011 Falcon Lake Bass Championship May 14th, 2011
Based on the best placement of a Manitoba bass angler club member
Each member of the team will be awarded points .
Place Points
1 or top club finisher 400
2 or top club finisher 348
3 or top club finisher 302
4 or top club finisher 248
5 or top club finisher 202
6 or top club finisher 148
7 or top club finisher 102
8 or top club finisher 48
Any member who fishes the tournament will also receive 20 points for attending the function

Participation Points
Meeting attendance
25 Points
Club Sponsored events or functions
20 points
Event volunteer ( requested by exec.)
40 points Minimum value to be decided by exec.
150 points Paid membership at or before April meeting
New Member sponsorship
Cannot have been a member for previous 2 yrs
Sponsor cutoff date is August 1, 2010
99 points Upon payment of new members first years dues.
Seminar Presentation
2 available slots per meeting
100 points Maximum 2 per year Minimum 25 mins duration
Boat Show Booth Take Down
99 points
MBA Bud Spud & Steak
100 points Highest sales in tickets
50 points 2nd highest sales in tickets
25 points 3rd highest sales in tickets
10 points Per ticket sold +

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